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Woodbridge, VA

With the move to a new location to expand its products and services within the community, this SuperMarket in Woodbridge VA needed a quick, affordable communications solution that would allow them a smooth transition from their legacy telephone system used at their previous location, to a new Voice over IP PBX System. Not having a pleasant experience with their previous solutions integrator, Audax Networks was contracted to assist in the deployment and configuration of such a system. An Audax Networks AXN-575 IP-PBX System was installed, configured and maintained which helped reduce their monthly operating expenses by 65% over their previous communications provider
Carlos Castro Sr.TODOS, Inc.
We are very pleased with the continued support provided by Audax Networks and their commitment to satisfy our communication needs. From their dedication during the initial installation through the ongoing maintenance of our IP-PBX System, Audax Networks have proven to be an excellent choice for our Business.


Manassas, VA

A current holder of several Federal, State and Local government multi-million dollar contracts, this Marketing and Communications Firm in Manassas VA required an immediate deployment of an advanced communication solution for their office in order to more efficiently serve its clients and grow their number of employees with ease. An AXN-575 IP-PBX System was installed and configured by Audax Networks, which allow them to not only expand their communication needs but also to benefit from a 60% savings over Verizon, their previous service provider.
Jackie KrickECUCOMM
Audax Networks is 100% client-focused. From providing prompt service to our immediate needs to ensuring we have a system that will grow as we grow. Their Customer Service is outstanding and their technical staff is knowledgeable and efficient, and stay in-tune with the latest technologies.


Bethesda, MD

To maintain a competitive edge in the financial markets and to better serve their clients located throughout different states where this Firm is licensed to offer Securities and Investments, Audax Networks was contracted to design a communication solution as well as to assist in the migration of their CRM. In addition, an Interactive Display Showcase as well as two advanced Multimedia Conferencing Solutions were deployed in their office. Client satisfaction immediately increased thanks to the innovative ways the firm is now able to reach and communicate. Securing and redesigning their existing Network Infrastructure is currently underway as another phase of this project.
Gautam BoseWRPS
Our business depends on the reliability and effectiveness of communicating with our clients. We recently switched our telecommunication services to Audax Networks. They responded immediately to our technical issues and successfully brought our IP-PBX System back to normal. We would like to thank Audax Networks for their commitment to our firm and for their prompt response when we needed it. We are pleased with the work done by their team and we would gladly recommend their services.


Alexandria, VA

To address the need of expansion of their health services offered through Medicaid and to provide a better customer experience between its patients and mental health professionals, Audax Networks was contracted to provide a communications solution to fit their needs. An AXN-325 IP-PBX System was installed and their multiple - previous - phone services were consolidated into one for a 45% savings over their different providers (Cox Communications, Vonage). The AXN-325 IP-PBX System will allow the Center to grow its number of health professionals with ease which in turn will bring a higher number of patients that could be serviced throughout the local community.
Emilio RodriguezAngels of Hope
Something we always wanted to do for our company was to have a more complete and feature-rich phone system that could help us project a better image to our clients and we could have not been any happier with finding Audax Networks to complete the job; professional, fast, knowledgeable and affordable. Now our company offers a better communication solution to our clients, employees and patients alike and, more importantly, we solved all the previous issues we had with phone calls when it came to messaging and voicemail, transferring calls, and other related problems.