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Whether you're a small or medium sized business who demands continuing support of your network, communications and overall IT Infrastructure, our affordable Support Packages can provide you the peace of mind your Company needs by leveraging the maintenance of your IT assets to our team. Our Support Services are provided primarily via remote access using Industry-grade tools and technologies with the highest levels of encryption for secure communication between your network and our support team; on-site support is also available to our clients as well as 24/7 emergency technical support when required.

For an efficient and prompt response to our clients, our on-site support services are limited to a 25-mile radius within the Washington DC area and, as our Company expands its services, this radius will also increase for the benefit of our clients.

The Operating System of choice for enterprises of all sizes, Microsoft Windows is the leader in desktop computing platforms across the globe with over 85% market share. Having an entire infrastructure running on Windows may prove to be a challenge for small businesses as they sometimes do not have the time or resources to address the need of continuing maintenance and support. Audax Networks' Support Services are the perfect solution to leverage businesses' IT infrastructure to our team in order to save time and reduce operational expenses
The most popular and versatile open-source Operating System for server-side applications of all kinds, the Linux Operating System, through its many "flavors" - CEntOS, FreeBSD, RedHat, Suse, Ubuntu, etc. - is the perfect choice for businesses to service its customers through the development of customized applications without a high capital expenditure. The most common linux installations use a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) framework; from there, other software packages may also be included to expand the functionality of software applications built upon this operating system.
All around the world, businesses of all sizes are under a constant and ever growing threat against malware of all types while corporate espionage and data theft continues to be on the rise. Hackers are always looking for backdoors or security vulnerabilities in network or computer devices to gain access to sensitive data. With this trend in mind, businesses are faced with an increased pressure to secure and protect their network infrastructure: enter Audax Networks. Through our services, we provide our customers with comprehensive security for their Organizations' Network
An integral part of businesses of any size, the internal wiring infrastructure is one of the most critical elements for the operation of the modern enterprise. Through our Services, we provide the required solutions with Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7 wiring of voice and data; install and configure cabinet racks, network routers, Ethernet switches (with or without PoE), VoIP Gateways, UPS Backup Power Systems, etc.

Audax Networks is your one-stop solutions provider for your Voice, Data and overall Communication needs.


Web Development

We offer custom website development to integrate different systems through APIs or scripting using PHP, Python, JavaScript, etc.

  • Virtual Shops & e-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Presentation Websites
  • Online catalogues
  • Portal systems

Monitoring & Compliance

Avoid fines and prevent liability for your business from a data breach; protect customer data and confidential information.

  • Network Monitoring
  • Penetration Tests
  • Security Audits
  • PCI & HIPAA Compliance
  • FINRA Regulatory Compliance

Cabling & Infrastructure

We design and install the physical Network Infrastructure for Small Businesses. We also install and configure all networking equipment

  • Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7 Wiring
  • Network Closet Installation
  • Rack-Mount Equipment/Servers
  • Firewall/Routers/Switches Installation
  • Network Configuration & Setup

Industries we serve

We focus our services in providing custom solutions to small businesses in the following categories:

  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

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