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AXN-250 IP-PBX System - Right View

Do not be fooled by its size, the AXN-50 IP-PBX is a fully-featured IP-PBX Server capable of supporting up to 50 Extensions for your Office and can handle up to 10 simultaneous calls without breaking a sweat. This system has everything you need to run your Office Communications like a Pro!

Most of the features in this system are included FREE; a list of the most commonly free ones are:

Caller ID
Call Transfer
Call Parking
Call Forwarding
Call Recording
Call Reporting
Call Pickup
Group Pickup
Conference Bridge (Up to 10 Participants)
VoiceMail (150 Hours of recordings!!!)
VoiceMail to Email
Fax to e-Mail [in PDF format] Follow Me [Calls ring at different Extensions and/or Locations] VMX Locator [example: Press 0 before leaving a VoiceMail] Auto-Attendant/IVR (Multiple ones can be set!)
Do Not Disturb
Call Queues
Music On Hold
Office Hours
Call Screening
Instant Call Control
Ring Groups
Phone Directory
Intercom & Paging
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) [for Extension Status Monitoring] Direct Inward System Access (DISA) [Call the Office and then Call someone and they’ll see it’s coming from your Office regardless of your location] Application/Browser
Remote Users
Can be used to host Phones in Multiple Offices

These IP-PBX Systems are not only POWERFUL but also HIGHLY Customizable to suit your specific needs according to your Business